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Cabot B v Woodentops 13/10/2021

Tony reports " SB Woodentops made the twenty minute journey to our South Bristol neighbours to Cabot B for a division two match. It would be fair to say that challenges don't come any bigger. On Bd1) White by some nifty pawn play and delicate manoeuvring gained a large advantage. To stay in the game David was forced to sacrifice the exchange. However when Iain in mid-move changed his mind Black was able to capitalise and force an ending two pawns to the good, which he prosaically converted. A neat save my Cabot.  Bd2) was an intriguing battle in which both players were willing to ignore opening lore and chart their own course. Gradually black's advantage in the centre seemed to dictate the outcome. Jack's sacrifice only delayed the end by a few moves. Score Cabot 1 Woodentops 1. On Bd3) White may have castled into a kingside attack. And despite Gareth's best efforts Black bt calm and expert play broke through. A well played game by Mike. On Bd4) I played what I thought at the time was a competent game; but subsequent post mortem with my colleagues with Richard and Ed shattered by illusions. Simply I miss-played a combination and did not understand the resulting position. Fortunately a slip by my opponent at the end allowed me to be victorious. The final score was a 2-2 draw, with wins for black on all four boards. The play by the successful players could respectively be considered as resolute, thoughtful, energetic and ridiculous."

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